“The Church, the bride of Christ, the Church, our Mother. We can glorify God through the Church, in the Church, under the Church by our fidelity to the gift that the Church has entrusted to us: the gift of acceptance of us, of our hands to serve and our hearts to love.

We must not spoil the Church by our selfishness and sinfulness, for we all together make the Body of Christ, the Church. And at present our Holy Father is a real Father to each one of us if we own that fidelity. That strength of faith that he is trying to give to each one of us will help us to love the Church and to serve the Church with a pure heart” (St. Teresa of Calcutta).

1) How do you feel when you hear or read St. Mother Teresa M.C.’s words?

I feel very much at home, as she brings me back many memories of the past. It is like listening to my own mother. There is the real conviction that comes from her own heart and from her everyday life. When St. Mother Teresa M.C. saw a person in need she didn’t ask what others were doing or not doing but asked herself what she could do, and simply did what she could. And when she was unable to help that person she would ask somebody else who could help her to do that. But she would never leave anyone feeling uncared for or unloved or unwanted. She always took care of them then and there, not waiting for a better tomorrow or simply brooding over the past.

p.Sebastian VAZHAKALA
p.Sebastian VAZHAKALA

2) You were the co-founder with St. Mother Teresa M.C. of the Congregation of the Missionaries of Charity Brothers Contemplative. Can you say something about it?

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